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We help you put together a plan for your future, especially around how to manage your finances and prepare for all potential costs and issues that may arise. Our process involves evaluating your current financial situation, identifying your goals and then developing and implementing relevant recommendations.

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A financial plan is a comprehensive statement of an individual’s long- term objective for security and well-being and detailed savings and investing strategy for achieving those objectives. At Prado Tax Services we have a variety of services that can help you reach those goals you are set to reach in life. Here is what we have to offer.

  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Budgeting

Understanding A Financial Plan

Whether you’re going it alone or with a financial planner, the first step in the creation of a financial plan involves getting together a lot of bits of paper or, more likely these days, cutting and pasting numbers from a various web-based accounts into a document or spreadsheet. In order to create a financial plan that works for you we need to do the following, calculate your net worth this includes your assets which can be your home, car, cash in the bank, money invested in 401k and anything else you own of value. We also need to integrate your liabilities, these may include credit card debt, student debt, an outstanding mortgage or a car loan. Our next thing would be determining cash flow, you can’t create a financial plan without knowing where your money is going every month. Documenting it will help you see how much you need every month for necessities, how much might be left for saving and investing, and even where you can cut back a little or a lot. Finally, you need to consider your priorities. The core of a financial plan is a person’s clearly defined goals. They may include funding a college education for the children, buying a larger home, starting a business, retiring on time or leaving a legacy. No one can tell you how to prioritize these goals. However, a professional financial planner may be able to help you choose a detailed savings plan and specific investments that will help you check them off one by one.

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